Top 6 beaches in Fuerteventura »

08 Jan 2016

Or course we all know you want to come to Fuerteventura to learn Spanish… but let’s not forget the fact that this is an island, and you know what that mean… BEACHES!
Those who are in s

The experience of Carolyn: A Student from Canada. Part 2/2 »

01 Feb 2020

My introduction to the island was well underway when I took my first surf class of the holiday.

The experience of Carolyn: A Student from Canada. Part 1/2 »

20 Jan 2020

I get off the plane after the usual rush to go on vacation – pack this, remember keys, charge phone, show boarding pass, hurry-up-and-find-your-seat.

El poder de la coma »

04 Oct 2018

Porque no es lo mismo “No te quiero” que “No, te quiero”. No subestimes el poder de la coma.

Bildungsurlaub in Fuerteventura »

21 Sep 2018

We are proud to announce that “Spanish & Surf School” has been recognised in Germany as a Bildungsurlaub Institution!
Since 2011 “Spanish & Surf School” has s

The inspirational story of one of our students »

07 Jul 2018

How a Trip to Fuerteventura with Spanish and Surf Inspired me to Start a Colombian Travel Company
Brief Biography
This blog post was written by Steve Dillon, former guest at Spanish and Surf

7 Cross Training Tips For Peak Surf Performance »

07 Jul 2018

Wouldn’t it be amazing if every day offered incredible surf? Unfortunately, a sport like surfing requires a lot of work from Mother Nature and some days don’t have the waves necessary.

Hiking in Fuerteventura: “La Gran Ruta” – Part 3 »

06 Mar 2018

As I’ve repeated in our previous two instalments the “Gran Ruta” or GR-131 is longest hiking
trail in the Canary Islands, traversing most of the seven islands of the archipelago.

Hiking in Fuerteventura: “La Gran Ruta” – Part 2 »

14 May 2016

In our previous installment we set aside talk about Spanish School and Surf in Fuerteventura and focused on the awe-inspiring activity that is hiking.

Hiking in Fuerteventura: “La Gran Ruta” – Part 1 »

19 Apr 2016

You already know that at Spanish and Surf in Fuerteventura you’ll discover the absolute best way to learn Spanish while learning to ride the waves like a surfing master! But, as far as out

8 Best Landscapes of Fuerteventura »

25 Mar 2016

Local “majoreros” felt vindicated when in 2009, UNESCO declared Fuerteventura a Biosphere Reserve.