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    The following steps must be followed by the CUSTOMER in order to confirm a RESERVATION with the SCHOOL:

    1. To read and accept the TERMS and CONDITIONS.
    2. To send, if required, the whole set of travel documents (flight ticket) by e-mail to following address: info@spanishandsurf.net
    3. To make a payment, if required, of an amount in EUR equivalent to twenty percent (20%) of the total amount of the RESERVATION as a deposit to guarantee the RESERVATION (the “DEPOSIT”).

    The RESERVATION will be completed and valid upon the receipt (by e-mail) of the “Voucher” by the CUSTOMER. The “Voucher” contains all the information regarding the services contracted by the CUSTOMER.


    1- Cancellation takes place before the Initial Date: the DEPOSIT will not be refunded to the CUSTOMER. However, the SCHOOL will issue a COUPON equal to the DEPOSIT amount, which may be used by the CUSTOMER for future reservations with the SCHOOL.

    2- Total or partial cancellation takes place upon the CUSTOMER arrival: The SCHOOL will issue a COUPON of an amount in EUR equal to 100% of the value of the cancelled RESERVATION, which may be used by the CUSTOMER for future reservations with the SCHOOL.


    By making a RESERVATION with the SCHOOL, the CUSTOMER accepts her/his sole responsibility for the correctness and completeness of the information and data provided to the SCHOOL. The incorrectness or incompleteness of such information and/or data could result in the cancellation of the RESERVATION by the SCHOOL.


    The SCHOOL accepts its sole responsibility for the adequate and full provision of the services hired [contracted] by the CUSTOMER. In the event the SCHOOL does not partially or totally provide the services hired by the CUSTOMER,  it will pay an amount to the CUSTOMER equal to the equivalent of the services contained in the RESERVATION which were not provided by the SCHOOL.


    General Policy

    • Group sessions are scheduled by the School
    • The timetable is NOT subject to changes at student’s request

    In the event, there is not a group level for the Student available under the teacher criteria, the School will propose to exchange Group Sessions for Private Sessions at a 2 x 1 ratio (2 hrs. Group= 1 hr. Private) subject to teacher’s agenda availability.

    Spanish Course Cancellation & Refund Policy

    Group sessions are booked in sets of x 5 sessions. There is no option for partial cancellations within a set or a started week. The Student may cancel complete future sets / weeks by notifying the School at least  72 hours in advance.

    Only in case of proofed sickness or restrictions on teacher’s agenda availability, the student will be refunded the non delivered part of the programme.



    CUSTOMER: individual who hires any of the services offered by the SCHOOL.

    DEPOSIT: an amount in EUR equivalent to twenty per cent (20%) of the total price of the RESERVATION, which will be payed by the CUSTOMER by bank transfer.

    COUPON: coupon denominated in EUR issued by the SCHOOL for the benefit of the CUSTOMER under 2) and 3) of “CANCELLATION [AND REFUND] POLICY”, which may be exchanged for any of the services offered by the SCHOOL. The prices which will be applied in such exchange will be those published in www.spanishandsurf.net the day of the exchange. The COUPON may be used by the CUSTOMER or by any other person and it will be valid for a period up to twelve (12) months after the original RESERVATION was confirmed by the SCHOOL.

    SCHOOL: Spanish&Surf Fuerteventura S.L, Calle Pizarro 46, 35660, Corralejo, Fuerteventura (España).

    INITIAL DATE: CUSTOMER´s arrival date.[/showhide]