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    Can I book  less Surf /Kitesurf sessions now and extend later on if I’m interested?

    We give total flexibility so you can choose as many or as little surf, kitesurf and/or SUP lessons as you want. If you’re having doubts and would rather try out the experience before committing to more lessons, that’s cool! You can simply book a fewer number of lessons, as a test run, and if you’re feeling good about it you can purchase more as you go, as many as you like!/span>

    Are meals included?

    The stay at Casa Carmen is accommodation only. The student house includes a fully equipped kitchen, with all the basic appliances and kitchenware, so you can cook any meal and share the experience with other students. Conveniently, there are two supermarkets near Casa Carmen, both only a five minute walk away.

    Every Tuesday, the surf school organizes a dinner for students and instructors. For only €10 you’ll enjoy dinner while sharing a table with your fellow surf students, as well as enjoy a live music show! It’s common for students to go out every evening for dinner and drinks… Corralejo offers many good restaurants with reasonable prices. For between €10 and €20 you can have anything from an authentic Italian pizza to delicious fresh fish. Over the past few years many Europeans have made the north side of the island their home, giving way to a new wave of international cuisine restaurants, at more than fair prices.

    What is the average age of the students?

    Our school is aimed at any student with the motivation to learn and enjoy themselves, age doesn’t matter.
    Most of our students travel alone (99%), usually young professionals, both men and women, with an average age of 30. Here you’ll find a great atmosphere, thanks to the many shared experiences amongst the students, such as: learning a new language, doing adventure sports, like surfing, and spending time at the house. Casa Carmen is the perfect place to connect with new, like minded people, taking back home new friendships that end up being the most precious part of the experience here.

    You can have an idea about the atmosphere you will find with us by checking our School photo gallery.

    How is the climate in Fuerteventura?

    The climate in Fuerteventura is pleasant throughout the year. You can see the average monthly air and sea temperature here

    We recommend you bring a windstopper or similar attire, despite the pleasant temperature there sometimes can be a chill factor, produced by humid wind, particularly in the evening.

    You won’t need a wetsuit to surf for 6 months out of the year, but from January to March it’s recommended you use a wetsuit of 3.2mm, the water temperature goes as low as 17/18ºC. During the course we’ll provide you with a long wetsuit, to keep you warm and comfortable during your surf lessons.

    Can I book my flights on whatever dates I want?

    Absolutely! You decide when to travel, we make it easy for you, choose your travel dates however suits you best, whether for cheaper flights or date constraints, we’ll adapt! We’ll pick you up at the airport any day of the week and we’ll organize your course schedule based on your stay.

    What should I take with me to Fuerteventura?

    There is nothing too specific you should bring. We do recommend you include a windbreaker or similar attire, because, while the weather here is mostly warm throughout the year, there is a wind chill factor that is mostly notable in the evenings.
    In terms of accommodation, you DO NOT need to bring your own linens. Sheets and towels are provided by the Surf house.

    With regards to the courses, the school will provide all necessary material for both Spanish and surf / kitesurf / SUP lessons.

    Are there different levels groups in the Spanish school?

    The school arranges homogeneous level groups every week! The director and teachers hold a weekly meetings to plan the classes and reschedule levels amongst the students. Groups are established based upong the level tests taken by the students prior to checkin and the evolution of these while following the Spanish courses in the school.

    You can evaluate your level of Spanish by taking our online test. It will only take you a few minutes and it will give us valuable information with regards to what area we need to work on most with you in the classroom Click here to take the test.

    For more information on our Spanish group courses, click here.

    How can I know my level of Spanish?

    Take our online test and find out your level. Take the test now!
    Go to Test Now

    When can I start Spanish courses?

    Our group Spanish courses take place Monday through Friday, for all 12 months of the year. Courses for Beginner level (A1) start every Monday of the year. However, if you’re at a higher level (A2 or above) then you can begin your course on any working day of the year. Go to Test Now

    For more information on our Spanish group courses, click here.

    What are the levels of surfing?

    The school puts together three different level groups:

    Level 1. Beginner: surf takes place at a beach break.
    Level 2. Intermediate: surf takes place at beach break and a reef break (easy).
    Level 3. Advanced: we search for consistent waves, usually at a reef break.

    We’ll help you improve your surfing, we have the best instructors on the island and we’ll assign you to your appropriate level group. We’ll constantly be changing spots, depending on weather conditions, so that by the end of one week you’ll have experienced a variety of different surfing spots. By taking these “surfaris” you’ll get to discover many of Fuerteventura’s hidden beaches and other gems!

    Click here for more information on our Surf Courses

    Can I use the school’s surf gear after a lesson?

    Of course! Want to keep practicing and improving your surfing after class? You can use our surf gear as much as you like, we’ll provide you with the board, leash and wetsuit at no extra cost. Just come by our surf shop to pick up the gear. The only rule is to bring everything back for storage before 10pm, when the store closes.

    Can I rent surf gear at the school?

    Yes you can. At our surf shop you’ll find an array of surfboards for all levels and wave conditions: longboards, mini malibus, Fish, short boards, single fin… as well as different types of material, soft and hard: carbon fiber, epoxi and foam.
    Also, the advantage of renting with us is you’ll be able to switch your board as many times as you need, whether because of a change in sea conditions or personal preference.

    You can rent a surfboard starting at €8 a day, as many days as you like, from one day to any number of weeks. Prices vary depending on the type of board and total number of days rented. If you’re interested in buying a surfboard you can first give it a test run, we’ll discount the rent you paid from your final price!

    When can I start surf courses?

    Our surf courses take place every day of the year, except on New Year’s Day, when we close to recover ourselves 🙂 So don’t think twice, book your flight and relax, we’ll take care of setting up a schedule that suits you best. All you’ll have to do is surf and enjoy Fuerteventura! If you would like to find further info about our Surf courses, , click here.

    Is there a limited length of stay ?

    There is no maximum nor minimum required stay period.
    The time our students remain here to learn Spanish and surf varies greatly, with periods ranging from one week to entire trimesters. The average time spent with us is two weeks, which we consider a reasonable stay for people trying to learn a new language.

    It’s worth mentioning that the school arranges groups by level, both for the Spanish and surfing courses, so if you’re planning to stay for a long term period you’re guaranteed to always be able to continue learning Spanish and Surf with us, here in Fuerteventura!

    How does the airport pick-up work?

    We’ll be arranging your pickup at the airport, this service is included in every package. All the related info to catch the airport shuttle will be detailed in the voucher you will receive when booking with us. We’ll be also arranging your return shuttle on your way back home for your convenience.

    What is the Refund and Cancellation Policy?

    You can read up on this topic in the Terms & Conditions of the Booking page.

    What Students think About Us!

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