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    10 Jun

    The sun was shining from a cloudless sky and because it was Sunday, Aline and I had the weekend off from both spanish lessons and surfing, it was a perfect day for the beach. There are some nice beaches in the center of Corralejo as well but we wanted something a bit more exotic. So we packed our bags with some snacks and water and jumped on a boat (for 7,50 € both ways) in the harbor and bobbed across the sea for the 20 minutes the boat ride takes to reach Isla de Lobos, this nature reserve island that sort of sits there in the ocean between Corralejo and Lanzarote.

    Lobos is a peaceful uninhabited and unexploited island consisting of the mighty Montana La Caldera, dreamy lagoons and rocky trails for enthusiastic hikers and mountain bikers to enjoy. There are no commercial activities on Lobos besides the few fishermen that work in the area and the guys operating the boat transportation of course. It is a fascinating scenery that almost makes you think you got lost to the Planet of the Apes…but besides a few tourists with selfie-sticks the only animals you find here are birds and some quick lizards. No “sea wolves” or seals that according to the legend lived on Lobos, hence the name.
    After walking around admiring and exploring the island we gave up the idea of hiking to the mountain because wearing flip-flops on sharp volcanic rock formations is not the best of ideas. So we headed to a wonderful turquoise lagoon with shallow water and soft golden sand and with a view across the sea to the Fuerteventura coastline. A perfect location and weather for barbecuing our pale northern bodies and enjoy a cooling dip. But this pleasure can only last until 16:00 p.m because that’s when the last boat back to Corralejo leaves Lobos! As Aline and I were sitting on the boat deck, engines already running and ready to depart, we could see a couple running half naked along the dirt road shouting and waving for the boat to wait. They were lucky.
    Had they not been so lucky their next ride back to Corralejo would have been at 10:30 a.m the next morning…

    By Monica Gren