29 Mai

If you are a surf beginner as I was when I arrived, here you will find some handy tips regarding the surf lessons .

As a total beginner I soon started to feel the impact of the surfing on my body. Even though I have been practicing yoga (which is a very good combination with surf because it strengthens the same muscles that you use in the water), I found that after three days of surf lessons in a row my shoulders, neck, upper arms and ribs were getting sore. Therefore I went to the Home Grown surf shop and arranged my schedule so that I would have surf on Mondays to Wednesdays and then the rest of the week and the week-ends off. For me this was a good solution because I was also attending spanish class in the evenings Monday to Friday. And when you are in a place like Corralejo you definitely want some free time to go out in the canarian night and not having to worry about surfing in a hangover the next morning…

The staff at the surf shop are super nice and flexible. They are helpful and willing to arrange a surf program that suits every student according to level of skills. And if you want to book some more surf lessons you will get a discount which is also very kind. If you want to change the size of your wetsuit or boots it is also just to ask the sales clerk and they arrange it for you.

But if you are staying a week or only a shorter time at Fuerteventura I’d say book as many surf days as possible. It is so much fun and you don’t want to miss out on good waves! You will have time to mend your sore muscles when you’re back home.

Some other practical tips would be:

  • –  Put sunscreen on your face! Even if there happen to be clouds in the sky the sun will get to you and especially your nose and forehead.
  • –  Bring water and some snacks with you to the beach. When you are in the water you losetrack of time and do not notice how many hours have passed without drinking or eating. So

    bring some extra fuel for your surf muscles!

  • –  I wore contact lenses while surfing because you can’t really wear glasses. To my surprisethey did not fall out and I was able to see the whole time. Just avoid keeping your eyes open

    under the water.

  • –  And seriously, remember to smile. I promise, you will be photographed!